Recipes with Young Living Vitality Oils

Raspberry Balsamic Ginger Wings

Chicken wings are a staple in our menu. They are one of those easy, fast, delicious and versatile foods, not to mention, they are budget friendly. When you are feeding a growing family, these 5 things really matter!  The first wings I ever ate were from Zaxbys, a staple, all chicken, fast food, southern “go to” restaurant. Their wings are “ok” I much prefer my wings SUPER crispy and never chewy… gag, yes, I am SUPER picky :-P. I do love the Cajun Club, it speaks to me. 😀

I am always skeeming of new ways to va-va-voom old favorites. This is just one of like a bazillion ideas, rolling around in my noggin. 😛 You can have plain wings, breaded wings, rolled wings, tossed wings, hot wings, sweet wings, you name it wings.

I like this recipe because it APPEARS elegant..ish and elludes to complicated, but its actually simple and I always have these ingredients on hand.  You definitely don’t want grandma’s white napkins for this meal. I mean, technically,  you COULD… but why would you WANT too… am I right?!   This dish is a tastebud’s dream, a little sweet, a bit of twang, some crunch and just a hint of heat if you so desire.

There is no added sugar, you can go gluten free and even salt free, I am totally not judging. Actually,  truth be told, I had about 5 minutes where I tried to imagine this even MEAT free. :-0  Roasted veggies with this sauce poured over them!? Heck yeah!! If you try it, let me know!

Let’s get to cooking!

45 minutes, start to finish. Did you just feel a heart flutter?! Me too!!! 😀



18 – 24 pieces of chicken, ( pat them dry with a paper towel)

4 cups balsamic vinegar

2 cups Raspberry Preserves

3 cups water

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp butter

Salt and pepper

2 tbsp cornstarch

2 green onions

2 tbsp high heat oil of choice ( I use half coconut oil and half bacon grease.

1-2 drops Ginger Vitality Essential Oil

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper or ground red pepper flakes (optional)

*Supplies you will need

A large ziploc bag or a medium brown paper bag.


Large cookie sheet

Medium pan



Step 1.

Preheat your oven to 450*.  Place the oil onto the cookie sheet and slide it into the oven.

Step 2.

Place the cornstarch, salt and pepper into the bag, give it a quick shake to  mix, toss your chicken into the bag, close the bag and give it a shake shake shake. Carefully place the wings onto the hot cookie sheet with the melty oil. For lightly done wings,  set your timer for 30 minutes, flip them at 15 minutes. For medium doneness, set your timer for 40 minutes and flip at 20 minutes. For very done, set your timer for 45 minutes and flip at 25 minutes, you may want an extra 5 minutes but that 5 can make a gigantic difference, so keep that in mind. We like VERY done wings.

Step 3. Place you pan onto a burner, pour in the water, balsamic vinegar,  soy sauce, and raspberry preserves, set the heat to high and give the contents of the pan a quick whisk.  You want to whisk this about once a minute for the first five minutes. This will need to come to a rolling boil and continue that full boil for at minimum 5 minutes, mine takes more like 15. You are looking for that quick change it will make, from purely liquid to just slightly thickened. When you have reached perfection, remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the butter and the Ginger Vitality Essential Oil. This will need to set for about 3 minutes, in which time, it will thicken a bit more.

Step 4. Pour about 1/2 of your balsamic raspberry sauce into a serving dish keeping the remainder in the pan. Lightly toss the cooked wings in the pan, place on your serving plate, sprinkle with the diced green onions.  The reserved sauce can be served as extra dipping sauce for the sauce lovers in your house. 🙂


We enjoyed our wings with fresh veggies and the man of the house and I enjoyed roasted whole onions with a bit of the balsamic raspberry sauce drizzled lovingly over them and just a kiss of parmesan to pull the flavors together.


*** If I were going to veg out this dish, I would most likely use halved brussle sprouts, cauliflower,  brocolli, some tiny new potatoes and maybe some artichoke, or asparagus cut into bite size pieces. I would then toss them in the salt and such and bake until just tender and then do a quick roasting session for added flavor. I would then toss the veggies the same as the wings and dip in the remaining sauce. The sauce is da bom dot com, ya’ll! My husband mentioned putting it on cardboard because it could make even cardboard eatable. 😛 I don’t recommend eating cardboard. 😀





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