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Easy Puff Pastry

This recipe is less about Essential Oils specifically, and more about “creative cooking” with gazillions of Essential Oil options at your fingertips.

I add essential oils to basically everything, from meats and veggies, all the way to desserts, sauces and drinks. I love versatility and multifunctionality and both essential oils and this Puff pastry fulfill all those dreams.   I love that this one recipe, with a few ingredient adjustments, can go from breakfast, to dinner, and even dessert. It’s also light, and flaky and a total palette pleaser with its delicate butter flavor.  This recipe boasts 4 absolutely basic ingredients that your kitchen probably always has on hand. Whichmeans it’s absolutely fantastic for that day right before grocery shopping when you basically have a stick of butter and some jelly…. pop tarts anyone!? Don’t mind if I do. 😆

Just last night, the kiddos enjoyed Puff Pastry PIZZA for supper, and then we all enjoyed Raspberry Puff Pastry POCKETS and this morning, I am enjoying a Puff Pastry as a base for my scrambled eggs and goat cheese breakfast.   Did I mention it’s fast!? It’s FAST, ya’ll! Which is just another reason to love this stuff! It goes wit out saying, that I tend to keep this as a staple in my fridge,  one never knows when on will require a homemade oven strudel or hot pocket or the need for pizza will arise. One must always be prepared for whatever life may fling at one. 😁 I am ready.😎 And for the record, I make a double recipe when I make this, because 1 simply does not fulfill this family’s Puff Pastry needs. 😚


A food processor or pastry chopper

Rolling pin

Flat surface

Ziploc bag

Baking sheet

Parchment paper


1 cup All Purpose Flour plus extra for rolling and dusting

1/4 top salt

11 TBSP Cold Butter, diced

1/3 ice water

1/4 cup melted butter, set aside


1. Place the flour and salt in the food processor and pulse a few times.


2. Dump your butter into the flour mixture and pulse until well blended. (It should look like cornmeal, and when gently pinched between thumb and forefinger, it should clump.) See above picture.

3. Pulse your product and stream in the water. In approximately 10 pulses, you will have a nice combined dough.


4. Dust your surface withflour and dump your dough out onto the flour. Begin rolling like so….


5. You will want to roll for a minimum of 7 folds and a maximum of 14 folds. Each roll, when folded as instructed,  produces 9 layers. You are looking for a light, flaky, airy end product, so the more rolls and folds you make, the more flaky and airy your baked product will be. Each roll will get easier and smoother and look prettier, as the ing2combine, everything smoothes out beautifully. Don’t attempt this in an overly warm kitchen, in fact, cooler is better, and don’t touch it with your hands. I prefer to use my marble slab over my counter, because marble tends to stay cooler.😊













6. When you have rolled and folded to perfection, you will do one final roll and fold and then place your dough inside a Ziploc bag, seal out all the air and refrigerate  it for 1 hour to 7 days.




7. This is where imagination is the only thing restraining you. To use your dough, chop off a portion and roll it out. Be sure to paint the edges and top with melted butter before baking, beyond that, you are looking at a world of options.

No mater how you dress it, ALWAYS…. ALWAYS preheat oven to 450*,  ALWAYS brush exposed areas with melted butter, and ALWAYS bake until puffy, approximately 10-15 minutes.

* I don’t stress much over the actual “look” of this prior to baking. It puffs and browns so beautifully that it actually looks best when it’s allowed to have a more rustic, casual final presentation. My kids and hubby all “ooo”, and “aaahhhh” over literally anything this is prepared with. My oldest daughter hates Raspberry jam, but that didn’t stop her from devouring a Raspberry pocket last night. 😉 My hubby isn’t a huge pizza fan, but he enjoys this lighter fare with gusto.  Any leftovers, and edge trimmings, simply folded gently into a stack and chill and use later.   Below are some of our favorites and I will add a few suggestions that we tried and enjoyed.

Bake small squares and stack on a plate with essential oil flavored whipped cream and fresh berries. ~ make mini minced meat pies with a complimenting essential oil added to the meat ~ any type of pie filling or jam, we like lime, orange, or lemon stirred into the jam or icing. Eggs as a filling or topping with veggies and cheeses is absolutely a delightful breakfast. I add basil, oregano, or black pepper essential oils frequently to our eggs. It’s a punch of flavor without the texture of the various herbs. You can even use this to dodge a heavy bread craving, for all the flavor without the weight, simply brush with butter, and then sprinkle with a bit of garlic, salt, and basil and oregano essential oil mixed together.

Clockwise, eggs, bacon and goat cheese open Puff. Eggs and cheese with bacon pocket. Nutella stacker. Pizza!

Nutella pockets for the girls, Raspberry pocket with white icing for the boy and a personal pizza for me!

Oh! And if you are looking for a pasta/pizza sauce to knock your socks off!, look no further than this website. Try my Sweet Tomato Basil Sauce

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