Recipes with Young Living Vitality Oils

French Macaroons


Happy, happy, joy joy!!! Macaroons are in my kitchen! Yummy! Pardon the munching sounds. 😝

If you have ever enjoyed a freshly made macaroon, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about. A slightly crispy outside, semi fluffy/chewy inside, and the fillings!! From custards to butter cream, its the boot scootin’ scootin’ boogie in taste bud town!!  Devour these as you assemble them, serve them to your dear friend with tea or coffee or as an elegant dessert at the end of a grandma’s china meal. There is no wrong way to indulge in these. Side note… I strongly support the act of squirreling a few handfuls away in the back of your freezer. I shall not judge, in fact, I applaud you! Oh, you smart cookie, saving for a rainy day!! You totally win at life. 😂

This is another one of those foods that looks sooooo difficult and most people won’t even attempt them because they do seem so daunting. Let’s be honest… If you can read and follow simple instructions, you can do this. In reality, it is easy, the ingredients and supplies are easy to find, probably already in your kitchen and the time it takes is no more than that needed to bake a cake or cookies or pie. This was also fun to assemble with my 9 year old, I read out the instructions and she carried out all the work, she really could have done this by herself, but we enjoy teamwork. 😘


Baking sheet

Parchment paper


Round object to trace


Piping bag with round tip


1 cup confectioners sugar

3/4 cup Almond flour

2 egg whites (save your yolks!!)

1/4 cup white granulated sugar

1 tsp lemon juice or 1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1/4 cup white sugar

3 1/2 tsp milk

7 TBSP milk

3 TBSP honey, or 2 tsp vanilla

Any kind of Vitality Essential oil you desire. A few combos that work well are; lavender, lemon, lime, or orange, peppermint, or cinnamon. You can add chocolate to either the cookie part or the filling.

Gel food coloring, if color is desired

*Before you begin, you will want to draw circles on your parchment paper. Try to keep them in straight rows. Larger than a quarter size will take 15-18 minutes to bake and smaller will take 5-10 minutes.20170726_143657


1.Sift together the confectioners sugar and almond flour 3 times, discarding any pieces that are too large to pass through, and set aside.

2. In mixing bowl, beat the egg whites until frothy, (add in any desired food coloring at this time) add your lemon juice and beat for a few seconds, then, slowly add in granulated sugar and continue to beat until stiff. (If you are adding essential oils, now is the time to do this. You will need approximately 4-5 drops of any citrus oil and 2-3 of any other type. )20170726_145132

3. Carefully fold in the dry ingredients. (If you add chocolate or finely ground tea leaves, this is what you will add it with. To make lavender and earl grey flavored, you will use 1 tsp earl grey tea leaves, crushed or ground to a fine consistency, and 3 drops of lavender.)


5. Fill your piping bag and carefully pipe into rounds on your parchment paper. You will place the tip on the parchment paper, and as you squeeze gently, slowly lift it just a bit so that the mixture eases out into a glorious circle. Resist the urge to swirl it into a circle, let the tip work for you. (My tip in the picture, is, in my humble opinion, too small for this project. However, it did work, just not as gracefully as I prefer)


6. Once you have filled your trays with rounds of love, tap the trays firmly on the counter to encourage the cookies to spread just a bit.  Set a timer for 30 minutes and allow them to rest, away from small, fast fingers. 😜

And now we commence the creation of the wonderful Filling….

My dears, I could eat this with a spoon…. Okay, correction,  I DO eat this with a spoon.  😬  its so delicious!!

7. In a small sauce pan, place your 2 egg yolks. Give them a small whisking, and then add your sugar and whisk again. Add your milk, and whisk again. Turn your burner to medium low, and heat and stir this mixture until it reaches custard consistency. (It will coat the back of a metal spoon). Now you will add your butter. Heat until melted, then transfer to your refrigerator.


8. After your cookies have sat for 30 minutes, you will need to do a finger check. Gently touch the tops of several, they should feel dry and not damp at all. If they are dampish, let them rest awhile longer. If they are dry,  you may heat your oven to 300 degrees, please don’t do 350, or 275, it’s absolutely imperative that the temperature be 300 degrees. 😊

9. Place your cookies into the oven and set your timer for 5 minutes. Now, remember when I said that larger ones take longer and smaller ones take shorter times? Keep this in mind. If your cookies are barely the size of a penny, 5 -7 minutes will be plenty. If you went larger and your are more the size of, say, a small jar ring, you will need closer to 18. Rule of thumb, I give mine a little checkypoo at 5 minutes. I find one close to the edge and using a butter knife, I gently attempt to lift one from it’s bottom. If the little fella lifts right up, I know they are done, if he doesn’t, they they aren’t. The bottoms may be ever so lightly golden. Simple as that.

10. Once you have pulled your delicacies from your oven, let them cool on the parchment paper.

11. Once both your cookies, as well as your filling have cooled sufficiently, you can begin assembly. Try to choose two cookies that match up nicely and make them a couple, married together in perfection with whatever love, I mean filling, you desire. (The buttercream from the lemon cake recipe works well.


These will keep nicely for about a day on your counter in an air tight container. Any longer than that, I recommend popping them into the freezer…. At which point, cross your fingers amd hope everyone else forgets about them and you get to enjoy them when the munchkins aren’t watching. 😉 if you made them small enough, you can actually hold several in your hand as you shuffle around and pop them into your mouth and the wee ones will be none the wiser. 😘 just sayin’ 😂






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