Recipes with Young Living Vitality Oils


I must confess. I adore MAKING sweet things, making them, I can take or leave the actual eating of them. I am super picky when it comes to the sweets.

I thoroughly love meringues. I enjoy the taste, the texture and the beauty of meringues. They are an elegant, they are perfect for little hands, or an elegant, grown up treat with coffee or tea,  or, if you are like me, devouring in a closet in hiding. From your kiddos. Because oosxlldslllw a mom just needs a five minute break, am I right!? Mom’s unite! Stay strong, sister, you got this. 😎

All rights! If you live in a dry climate with little to no humidity, you can safely make these and expect them to last about a week. If you live in a high humidity area, like me, plan to devour them bytes the fistfulsame within 2 days, as the moisture in the air will make them a sticky disgusting mess. In other words, I make small batchest with full intent to stuff them rapidly into my “wide open trap”…. kudos if you know what movie that 3 worded phrase comes from. 😁 If you live in a tropical jungle/rainforest…. don’t even, just don’t. 😂

You can definitely keep these plain, but we LOVE essential oils, and we didn’t hesitate to flavor these up with various Vitality Essential oils. I personally enjoyed the citrus flavors, but kids preffer peppermint and spearmint flavors, or chocolate.  😊  Now… years ago, you could find these topped with whipped cream and fruit, now, you can find them in darling hersey kiss shapes in various flavors and colors, someti,especially even dusted with toasted coconut or powdered chocolate. Any way you find or make these, they are a light, delicious and FAT FREE treat.

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