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Pan Seared Green Beans With Black Pepper Essential Oil and Feta

I love fresh, simple and flavorful foods! This recipe delivers all of these requirements! I don’t personally, enjoy canned green beans, even though I grew up on enough home canned beans to choke an elephant. 😂 Once I tried my hand at fresh, pan seared, there was no going back. Um… Those were at a chinese buffet pf all places. 😜 I also have a penchant for adding cheese to things. My hubby teases me ” everything is betta with feta!” And its true! Cheese cam absolutely finish off almost any dish. If your tummy suffers when eating cheese, just omit it. Seriously, I totally understand add some garlic or bacon crumbles instead. 😉

I love that this dish is so simple and fast and easy yet so delicious and filling and pretty. 😘

I also enjoy the zing of black pepper but I am not a fan of the crunch and grit that using a nice amount leaves behind. I also dont enjoy a black chunk of pepper stuck between 2 front teeth when I smile lovingly a my hubby over dinner. I’m sorry but that kills the mood instantly. 😁


Small knife

Heavy pan


1 lb. Of fresh green beans

3 tbs room temperature butter or ghee

1/4 – 1/2 cup crumbled feta

1-2 drops Vitality Black Pepper



1.Rinse your beans and end them.


2. Mix your black pepper essential oil into your softened butter. Place the mixture into your pan. Melt your butter in your pan over medium high heat.

3. Toss your beans into the hot, melted butter.

4. Toss frequently and cook for about 10 minutes. When you see them turn bright green and begin to appear a tad limp, they are done.

5. Turn off your heat and give them a toss. Dump in the feta and let it sit while you plate up the other food. Give it all one last toss before dishing into plates.


How simple is that!?



Recipes with Young Living Vitality Oils

Taco Dip Bowls

20170808_194121_Burst01-1Taco Tuesday is basically like, basic breathing. Families everywhere are looking forward to Tuesday BECAUSE of Tacos. 😝

Growing up, Tacos entered my life somewhere in my teens. That traditional yellow box and crunchy shells were quite the big deal when Mom decided to add this meal to her menu. They were simple, yet delicious, with diced tomatoes, diced onions, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, black olives, sour cream, ground beef and those crunchy shells. Truth be told, I am a simple girl with picky tastes. I can cook something once for kicks, a second time to master it and by try #3, my taste buds are all laid out in the sun, giving me the stink eye, having begged relentlessly for CHANGE!! (They have issues, we are working on it.) ((They love variety, don’t judge)) 😜

I think the first time I broke out tacos on my little family, was back in 2009-ish.  They were a hit and have remained a menu staple since. Granted, they change from one time to the next, but they are always devoured with relish (not pickle relish, that would be gross 😝).

We are doing a lowish carb menu for a few weeks, because it’s fun to change things up from time to time and step outside the norm. Right?! Right.   One huge reason I enjoy tacos, is that you can create them however your tastebuds or dietary needs require, and you are still going to have a very happy tummy. Not to mention, you can feed a flock o younguns, no matter the ages,  with tacos – with minimal ingredients and minimal funding. Tacos AND tummy are wallet friendly!

This ingredient list is merely a guide to jumpstart your imagination. Shell them, wrap them, bowl them, minus what you don’t like and add in what you do, the sky is the limit and there is literally no wrong way. Unless you DON’T make them, and that’s just so many shades of wrong and you are inviting people to retaliate…. If the family rises up against you, you are on your own, sista, full bellies make happy people and happy people require tacos. 😉

This recipe feeds 5 of us with a bit leftover for at least 2 people to eat for lunch the next day… Or 1 very starving preteen who swears he hasn’t been properly full since he was in the womb. 😝


Bowls and spoons

Knife and cuttingboard

Crockpot (optional)



1 large or 2 small chicken Breast, or 1 lb ground turkey, or ground chicken or ground beef or roast beef.  Or no meat if you so choose.

2 cups cooked black beans or refried beans or 1 cup of each

2 oz shredded cheese

1 avocado mashed

1 cup cooked rice or quinoa or omit entirely

1 small onion diced

3 Roma Tomatoes diced

1/2 a bunch of cinaltro chopped

1/2 to 3/4 of a head of lettuce shredded

3 tbsp sour cream per person you are


2 jalapenos finely chopped

2 tbsp per person mexican melt cheese

Taco seasoning (packet or make your own)

Salt to taste

Juice of one lemon

Lemon vitality essential oil

Lime vitality essential oil


If you cook everything from scratch, and shred and chop like a ninja, do so, if you are a pre chopped, bags and pouches kind of chef, then do that.  I do everything from scratch because a. It’s cheaper, b. There is something about slicing and dicing that brings me pleasure, 😂 and c. I have a mind numbing fear of a finger being in a random can or a mouse head…. Because, well, the internet. 😱

  1. Add them lemon essential oil to anything diced.
  2. Add the lime essential oil to the sour cream
  3. Add the lemon JUICE to the tomatoes.
  4. (I dice and mash my avacodo and add salt, half the lemon juice, and lime essential oil)
  5. (I dice the tomatoes, onion and chop the cilantro, mix together, add the other half of the lemon, a dash of salt and a drop of lemon essential oil)
  6. Now you just simply layer the ingredients into bowls. I start with rice, then meat, then beans, a layer of guacamole, then lettuce, and finish off with the pico di gao (🍅 onion and cilantro mixture), cheese, sour cream. A drizzle of that melty cheese and jalapeno as an accent.
  7. You can serve this in shells, with chips, in a wrap or a bowl with a fork. Its up to you.




Recipes with Young Living Vitality Oils

French Macaroons


Happy, happy, joy joy!!! Macaroons are in my kitchen! Yummy! Pardon the munching sounds. 😝

If you have ever enjoyed a freshly made macaroon, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about. A slightly crispy outside, semi fluffy/chewy inside, and the fillings!! From custards to butter cream, its the boot scootin’ scootin’ boogie in taste bud town!!  Devour these as you assemble them, serve them to your dear friend with tea or coffee or as an elegant dessert at the end of a grandma’s china meal. There is no wrong way to indulge in these. Side note… I strongly support the act of squirreling a few handfuls away in the back of your freezer. I shall not judge, in fact, I applaud you! Oh, you smart cookie, saving for a rainy day!! You totally win at life. 😂

This is another one of those foods that looks sooooo difficult and most people won’t even attempt them because they do seem so daunting. Let’s be honest… If you can read and follow simple instructions, you can do this. In reality, it is easy, the ingredients and supplies are easy to find, probably already in your kitchen and the time it takes is no more than that needed to bake a cake or cookies or pie. This was also fun to assemble with my 9 year old, I read out the instructions and she carried out all the work, she really could have done this by herself, but we enjoy teamwork. 😘


Baking sheet

Parchment paper


Round object to trace


Piping bag with round tip


1 cup confectioners sugar

3/4 cup Almond flour

2 egg whites (save your yolks!!)

1/4 cup white granulated sugar

1 tsp lemon juice or 1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1/4 cup white sugar

3 1/2 tsp milk

7 TBSP milk

3 TBSP honey, or 2 tsp vanilla

Any kind of Vitality Essential oil you desire. A few combos that work well are; lavender, lemon, lime, or orange, peppermint, or cinnamon. You can add chocolate to either the cookie part or the filling.

Gel food coloring, if color is desired

*Before you begin, you will want to draw circles on your parchment paper. Try to keep them in straight rows. Larger than a quarter size will take 15-18 minutes to bake and smaller will take 5-10 minutes.20170726_143657


1.Sift together the confectioners sugar and almond flour 3 times, discarding any pieces that are too large to pass through, and set aside.

2. In mixing bowl, beat the egg whites until frothy, (add in any desired food coloring at this time) add your lemon juice and beat for a few seconds, then, slowly add in granulated sugar and continue to beat until stiff. (If you are adding essential oils, now is the time to do this. You will need approximately 4-5 drops of any citrus oil and 2-3 of any other type. )20170726_145132

3. Carefully fold in the dry ingredients. (If you add chocolate or finely ground tea leaves, this is what you will add it with. To make lavender and earl grey flavored, you will use 1 tsp earl grey tea leaves, crushed or ground to a fine consistency, and 3 drops of lavender.)


5. Fill your piping bag and carefully pipe into rounds on your parchment paper. You will place the tip on the parchment paper, and as you squeeze gently, slowly lift it just a bit so that the mixture eases out into a glorious circle. Resist the urge to swirl it into a circle, let the tip work for you. (My tip in the picture, is, in my humble opinion, too small for this project. However, it did work, just not as gracefully as I prefer)


6. Once you have filled your trays with rounds of love, tap the trays firmly on the counter to encourage the cookies to spread just a bit.  Set a timer for 30 minutes and allow them to rest, away from small, fast fingers. 😜

And now we commence the creation of the wonderful Filling….

My dears, I could eat this with a spoon…. Okay, correction,  I DO eat this with a spoon.  😬  its so delicious!!

7. In a small sauce pan, place your 2 egg yolks. Give them a small whisking, and then add your sugar and whisk again. Add your milk, and whisk again. Turn your burner to medium low, and heat and stir this mixture until it reaches custard consistency. (It will coat the back of a metal spoon). Now you will add your butter. Heat until melted, then transfer to your refrigerator.


8. After your cookies have sat for 30 minutes, you will need to do a finger check. Gently touch the tops of several, they should feel dry and not damp at all. If they are dampish, let them rest awhile longer. If they are dry,  you may heat your oven to 300 degrees, please don’t do 350, or 275, it’s absolutely imperative that the temperature be 300 degrees. 😊

9. Place your cookies into the oven and set your timer for 5 minutes. Now, remember when I said that larger ones take longer and smaller ones take shorter times? Keep this in mind. If your cookies are barely the size of a penny, 5 -7 minutes will be plenty. If you went larger and your are more the size of, say, a small jar ring, you will need closer to 18. Rule of thumb, I give mine a little checkypoo at 5 minutes. I find one close to the edge and using a butter knife, I gently attempt to lift one from it’s bottom. If the little fella lifts right up, I know they are done, if he doesn’t, they they aren’t. The bottoms may be ever so lightly golden. Simple as that.

10. Once you have pulled your delicacies from your oven, let them cool on the parchment paper.

11. Once both your cookies, as well as your filling have cooled sufficiently, you can begin assembly. Try to choose two cookies that match up nicely and make them a couple, married together in perfection with whatever love, I mean filling, you desire. (The buttercream from the lemon cake recipe works well.


These will keep nicely for about a day on your counter in an air tight container. Any longer than that, I recommend popping them into the freezer…. At which point, cross your fingers amd hope everyone else forgets about them and you get to enjoy them when the munchkins aren’t watching. 😉 if you made them small enough, you can actually hold several in your hand as you shuffle around and pop them into your mouth and the wee ones will be none the wiser. 😘 just sayin’ 😂






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I must confess. I adore MAKING sweet things, making them, I can take or leave the actual eating of them. I am super picky when it comes to the sweets.

I thoroughly love meringues. I enjoy the taste, the texture and the beauty of meringues. They are an elegant, they are perfect for little hands, or an elegant, grown up treat with coffee or tea,  or, if you are like me, devouring in a closet in hiding. From your kiddos. Because oosxlldslllw a mom just needs a five minute break, am I right!? Mom’s unite! Stay strong, sister, you got this. 😎

All rights! If you live in a dry climate with little to no humidity, you can safely make these and expect them to last about a week. If you live in a high humidity area, like me, plan to devour them bytes the fistfulsame within 2 days, as the moisture in the air will make them a sticky disgusting mess. In other words, I make small batchest with full intent to stuff them rapidly into my “wide open trap”…. kudos if you know what movie that 3 worded phrase comes from. 😁 If you live in a tropical jungle/rainforest…. don’t even, just don’t. 😂

You can definitely keep these plain, but we LOVE essential oils, and we didn’t hesitate to flavor these up with various Vitality Essential oils. I personally enjoyed the citrus flavors, but kids preffer peppermint and spearmint flavors, or chocolate.  😊  Now… years ago, you could find these topped with whipped cream and fruit, now, you can find them in darling hersey kiss shapes in various flavors and colors, someti,especially even dusted with toasted coconut or powdered chocolate. Any way you find or make these, they are a light, delicious and FAT FREE treat.

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Easy Puff Pastry

This recipe is less about Essential Oils specifically, and more about “creative cooking” with gazillions of Essential Oil options at your fingertips.

I add essential oils to basically everything, from meats and veggies, all the way to desserts, sauces and drinks. I love versatility and multifunctionality and both essential oils and this Puff pastry fulfill all those dreams.   I love that this one recipe, with a few ingredient adjustments, can go from breakfast, to dinner, and even dessert. It’s also light, and flaky and a total palette pleaser with its delicate butter flavor.  This recipe boasts 4 absolutely basic ingredients that your kitchen probably always has on hand. Whichmeans it’s absolutely fantastic for that day right before grocery shopping when you basically have a stick of butter and some jelly…. pop tarts anyone!? Don’t mind if I do. 😆

Just last night, the kiddos enjoyed Puff Pastry PIZZA for supper, and then we all enjoyed Raspberry Puff Pastry POCKETS and this morning, I am enjoying a Puff Pastry as a base for my scrambled eggs and goat cheese breakfast.   Did I mention it’s fast!? It’s FAST, ya’ll! Which is just another reason to love this stuff! It goes wit out saying, that I tend to keep this as a staple in my fridge,  one never knows when on will require a homemade oven strudel or hot pocket or the need for pizza will arise. One must always be prepared for whatever life may fling at one. 😁 I am ready.😎 And for the record, I make a double recipe when I make this, because 1 simply does not fulfill this family’s Puff Pastry needs. 😚


A food processor or pastry chopper

Rolling pin

Flat surface

Ziploc bag

Baking sheet

Parchment paper


1 cup All Purpose Flour plus extra for rolling and dusting

1/4 top salt

11 TBSP Cold Butter, diced

1/3 ice water

1/4 cup melted butter, set aside


1. Place the flour and salt in the food processor and pulse a few times.


2. Dump your butter into the flour mixture and pulse until well blended. (It should look like cornmeal, and when gently pinched between thumb and forefinger, it should clump.) See above picture.

3. Pulse your product and stream in the water. In approximately 10 pulses, you will have a nice combined dough.


4. Dust your surface withflour and dump your dough out onto the flour. Begin rolling like so….


5. You will want to roll for a minimum of 7 folds and a maximum of 14 folds. Each roll, when folded as instructed,  produces 9 layers. You are looking for a light, flaky, airy end product, so the more rolls and folds you make, the more flaky and airy your baked product will be. Each roll will get easier and smoother and look prettier, as the ing2combine, everything smoothes out beautifully. Don’t attempt this in an overly warm kitchen, in fact, cooler is better, and don’t touch it with your hands. I prefer to use my marble slab over my counter, because marble tends to stay cooler.😊













6. When you have rolled and folded to perfection, you will do one final roll and fold and then place your dough inside a Ziploc bag, seal out all the air and refrigerate  it for 1 hour to 7 days.




7. This is where imagination is the only thing restraining you. To use your dough, chop off a portion and roll it out. Be sure to paint the edges and top with melted butter before baking, beyond that, you are looking at a world of options.

No mater how you dress it, ALWAYS…. ALWAYS preheat oven to 450*,  ALWAYS brush exposed areas with melted butter, and ALWAYS bake until puffy, approximately 10-15 minutes.

* I don’t stress much over the actual “look” of this prior to baking. It puffs and browns so beautifully that it actually looks best when it’s allowed to have a more rustic, casual final presentation. My kids and hubby all “ooo”, and “aaahhhh” over literally anything this is prepared with. My oldest daughter hates Raspberry jam, but that didn’t stop her from devouring a Raspberry pocket last night. 😉 My hubby isn’t a huge pizza fan, but he enjoys this lighter fare with gusto.  Any leftovers, and edge trimmings, simply folded gently into a stack and chill and use later.   Below are some of our favorites and I will add a few suggestions that we tried and enjoyed.

Bake small squares and stack on a plate with essential oil flavored whipped cream and fresh berries. ~ make mini minced meat pies with a complimenting essential oil added to the meat ~ any type of pie filling or jam, we like lime, orange, or lemon stirred into the jam or icing. Eggs as a filling or topping with veggies and cheeses is absolutely a delightful breakfast. I add basil, oregano, or black pepper essential oils frequently to our eggs. It’s a punch of flavor without the texture of the various herbs. You can even use this to dodge a heavy bread craving, for all the flavor without the weight, simply brush with butter, and then sprinkle with a bit of garlic, salt, and basil and oregano essential oil mixed together.

Clockwise, eggs, bacon and goat cheese open Puff. Eggs and cheese with bacon pocket. Nutella stacker. Pizza!

Nutella pockets for the girls, Raspberry pocket with white icing for the boy and a personal pizza for me!

Oh! And if you are looking for a pasta/pizza sauce to knock your socks off!, look no further than this website. Try my Sweet Tomato Basil Sauce

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Raspberry Balsamic Ginger Wings

Chicken wings are a staple in our menu. They are one of those easy, fast, delicious and versatile foods, not to mention, they are budget friendly. When you are feeding a growing family, these 5 things really matter!  The first wings I ever ate were from Zaxbys, a staple, all chicken, fast food, southern “go to” restaurant. Their wings are “ok” I much prefer my wings SUPER crispy and never chewy… gag, yes, I am SUPER picky :-P. I do love the Cajun Club, it speaks to me. 😀

I am always skeeming of new ways to va-va-voom old favorites. This is just one of like a bazillion ideas, rolling around in my noggin. 😛 You can have plain wings, breaded wings, rolled wings, tossed wings, hot wings, sweet wings, you name it wings.

I like this recipe because it APPEARS elegant..ish and elludes to complicated, but its actually simple and I always have these ingredients on hand.  You definitely don’t want grandma’s white napkins for this meal. I mean, technically,  you COULD… but why would you WANT too… am I right?!   This dish is a tastebud’s dream, a little sweet, a bit of twang, some crunch and just a hint of heat if you so desire.

There is no added sugar, you can go gluten free and even salt free, I am totally not judging. Actually,  truth be told, I had about 5 minutes where I tried to imagine this even MEAT free. :-0  Roasted veggies with this sauce poured over them!? Heck yeah!! If you try it, let me know!

Let’s get to cooking!

45 minutes, start to finish. Did you just feel a heart flutter?! Me too!!! 😀



18 – 24 pieces of chicken, ( pat them dry with a paper towel)

4 cups balsamic vinegar

2 cups Raspberry Preserves

3 cups water

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp butter

Salt and pepper

2 tbsp cornstarch

2 green onions

2 tbsp high heat oil of choice ( I use half coconut oil and half bacon grease.

1-2 drops Ginger Vitality Essential Oil

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper or ground red pepper flakes (optional)

*Supplies you will need

A large ziploc bag or a medium brown paper bag.


Large cookie sheet

Medium pan



Step 1.

Preheat your oven to 450*.  Place the oil onto the cookie sheet and slide it into the oven.

Step 2.

Place the cornstarch, salt and pepper into the bag, give it a quick shake to  mix, toss your chicken into the bag, close the bag and give it a shake shake shake. Carefully place the wings onto the hot cookie sheet with the melty oil. For lightly done wings,  set your timer for 30 minutes, flip them at 15 minutes. For medium doneness, set your timer for 40 minutes and flip at 20 minutes. For very done, set your timer for 45 minutes and flip at 25 minutes, you may want an extra 5 minutes but that 5 can make a gigantic difference, so keep that in mind. We like VERY done wings.

Step 3. Place you pan onto a burner, pour in the water, balsamic vinegar,  soy sauce, and raspberry preserves, set the heat to high and give the contents of the pan a quick whisk.  You want to whisk this about once a minute for the first five minutes. This will need to come to a rolling boil and continue that full boil for at minimum 5 minutes, mine takes more like 15. You are looking for that quick change it will make, from purely liquid to just slightly thickened. When you have reached perfection, remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the butter and the Ginger Vitality Essential Oil. This will need to set for about 3 minutes, in which time, it will thicken a bit more.

Step 4. Pour about 1/2 of your balsamic raspberry sauce into a serving dish keeping the remainder in the pan. Lightly toss the cooked wings in the pan, place on your serving plate, sprinkle with the diced green onions.  The reserved sauce can be served as extra dipping sauce for the sauce lovers in your house. 🙂


We enjoyed our wings with fresh veggies and the man of the house and I enjoyed roasted whole onions with a bit of the balsamic raspberry sauce drizzled lovingly over them and just a kiss of parmesan to pull the flavors together.


*** If I were going to veg out this dish, I would most likely use halved brussle sprouts, cauliflower,  brocolli, some tiny new potatoes and maybe some artichoke, or asparagus cut into bite size pieces. I would then toss them in the salt and such and bake until just tender and then do a quick roasting session for added flavor. I would then toss the veggies the same as the wings and dip in the remaining sauce. The sauce is da bom dot com, ya’ll! My husband mentioned putting it on cardboard because it could make even cardboard eatable. 😛 I don’t recommend eating cardboard. 😀





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Chicken Gyros

Ok ya’ll…. admittedly, this is a lengthy recipe, but if you enjoy fresh foods, or gyros, or just food in general (aka me) 😛 you are gonna love this!

Yes, it takes awhile, but I promise its not difficult nor labor intensive.  My  oldest daughter does the chicken part and the kneading part and some of the rolling,  so, if a 9 year old can handle that,  then even you, my dear, can do this.

Ready? Ready.  Here we go!!

Step 1.

2-3 boneless skinless chicken breast

1 whole lemon sliced

1 teaspoon of oregano

2 tbsp butter (sliced)

Salt and pepper to taste

Place in this exact order into your crockpot and set on low. This will need approximately 6 hours… use your oven or instapot if you have one, I’m not choosey, if I HAD an instapot, I would totally use it.

Place the lid on and walk away, sistah!!  You have other things to do. 😉


Step 2

This will take about an hour…. start to finish. It takes me about 30 minutes but I have a helper and we tag team, and maybe we make these about once a week. :-D.  Don’t judge, they are delish!!!

1 cup white flour

1 cup whole wheat

OR 2 of either one.. see… I am easy to work with. 😉

1 tsp baking soda

1 pinch salt

1 TBSP olive oil or ghee (I use ghee)

1 cup plain greek yogurt

1/2 1 cup water

A spare cup of water

*Minced garlic, sesame seeds or cilantro  are fun toppings if you decide to make this by itself and just devour it . 😉

Use your mixer or a bowl and spoon or your hands, I use my stand mixer. It just makes life easier. But you do you.  Place all the dry ingredients together. Give it a stir to combine it, then add you oil/ghee, and your yogurt. Now listen up! This is important… add your water slooooooowly…. if you dump it in all at once, you will have, well, wallpaper paste and we don’t want that. Mix and drizzle mix and drizzle, this is why I love my mixer, it mixes and I drizzle and we reach perfection with no ugly mishaps.

When you have a smooth dough, place a towel over it and step away. Actually…. go on to step #3. 😉

**when your dough has rested 15 minutes, you wil roll and mash and push it a few times until it willing molds into a gorgeous ball. Slice this ball in half and then both of those balls in half and so on. Like this.



Take each of these and give them a gentle angel kiss of flour and  set them to the side.  Take a bit of flour and dust your surface, then roll out your first flat bread.

Like this.20170425_193729

You want it to be about the size of a dinner plate….ish. and thin…ish, this dough is very forgiving, if you mess up, just ball it and try again.

Now… heat your pan, you will need your largest frying pan. I use my cast iron one, I THINK its a 10 inch, but who knows, I used to use my electric griddle before it decided to leave me. 😐 Anywho, now to cooking these beauties. I work them like this. Roll one, plop it in the pan, roll the next one, flip the first one, remove the cooked one, plop in the next one… this is why letting a kiddo roll for me makes it go faster. They cook SUPER  fast. Like.. under a minute.

So. Turn on your burner, place your pan on it, set the heat to medium, roll your first ball, pour a bit of water, about a tbsp, into your pan, you want STEAM!! If it doesnt sizzle its not ready. Plop your rolled bread in before the steam dissipates and wate for the bubbles.


Annnnnd FLIP! Count to 30 and remove to a plate. I place mine in my microwave, it keeps them warm. 😉

Step 3

This is the love sauce (otherwise known as Tatziki)

1 tsp dill (we prefer fresh)

1 TBSP minced garlic

1/2 of a large cucumber, peeled and seeded, and then diced finely

1/2 of a lemon, juiced

1 1/2 cup greek yogurt

1/2 cup sour cream

1 drop of Dill Vitality Essential Oil

1 drop of Lemon Vitality Essential Oil

Salt to taste

Just plop all that into a bowl and stir it up. Nothing to it. I like to put it in the fridge to chill while I finish up the meal. 🙂


Step 4.

We are in the home stretch people!!

Okay. The bread is done, the sauce is mixed, the chicken is cooked, its time to get this dish on the table!

Fun tip. I shred my chicken in my mixer with the beater hook. Seriously,  just plop it in and turn it on and 5 seconds later, you have perfectly shredded chicken. I kid you not.

We enjoy tomatoes, onions, lettuce, kalamata olives and feta on our gyros. You do what makes your taste buds sing. 😉


And now to assemble and devour!!!

See that perfect, gorgeously shredded chicken!!


Pardon me while I go break my personal record. ;-P